Apple iPhone XR Review

Apple iPhone XR is now associated with terms like “cheapest iPhone”, “iPhone for all” for its really cheap price and simple look and features. It is believed that Apple struck a masterstroke with the launch of this phone as it is believed to be the most loved iPhone by the public.

apple iphone xr review

The most talked about feature of iPhone XR is its single camera on the back. Though this is the only thing which is upgraded over iPhone X, it doesn’t offer as much zooming capabilities as provided by iPhone X. It works well with people in portrait mode but is not able to recognize animals or objects with good accuracy with a single sensor. The screen resolution is less than 1080p, and the 3D touch is also gone.

If you ever hard pressed on the screen to access shortcuts, or open a torch, you can no longer do that. Instead, you need to long press now for the same. Well, we never realized the ease we had with other models, and now it makes you a little less comfortable.

Apple has finally released its reservation for standard colours and launched the new iPhone XR in six very different and chunky colours. All of the models have a matching aluminium band on the sides which completely compliments the base colour.

apple iphone xr review

You would be really happy to know that the claim of “all day charged battery” is finally proved true in the XR model. It has brilliant battery life and lets you use it the whole day without disappointment. In terms of durability, iPhone XR is not more durable because the back is not that strong, and you might consider buying an iPhone back cover. The size is just perfect for your hand and makes you really comfortable in its use.

There are certain issues in this model, but that doesn’t make you feel less than having an iPhone XS. Overall, it is a very suitable and affordable handset with the same exciting features that you can find in any other Apple phone. With only slight differences and some better advantages, it stands as a preferred choice of many.

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